Sequencing Biological Reactor

Our product range includes a wide range of sequencing biological reactor.

Sequencing Biological Reactor

The BK Chemicals Sequencing Biological Reactor (SBR) is the latest refinement of the proven activated sludge technology and uses modern electronics and instrumentation. Typical applications are larger subdivisions, towns, industrial plants, and institutions. An SBR provides tertiary treatment in one reactor.

The SBR tank consisting of aeration tank and decanter system. The following cycles are happened in SBR tank.
  1. Filling and Mixing: While filling of tank the air will mix into the tank by means of fine bubble diffusers which are fixed at bottom of tank.
  2. Decantation : A fixed type decantation is placed in tank which will allow the degraded water to filter feed tank. The proper arrangements of decanter system will not allow the floatable solids to enter into filter feed tank.
  3. Idle State: After particular time cycle the mixing of air and filling will stop and degraded solids will allow settling at bottom of tank. Which will transfers to sludge holding tank for further dewatering of sludge.
  4. For the control of F/M ration food and culture dosing system is installed near SBR tank. The flow control and all above cycles are auto control which work in water level and time cycle

Special features include:

  • Adjustable process control timers for each cycle step
  • Air flow meter in cubic feet/hour
  • Effluent filter
  • Continuous pH monitoring and control
  • Nutrient addition in the fill cycle (N, P, Fe)
  • Variable decant levels
  • Adjustable wastewater influent concentrations

Advantages and key features:

  • Nearly unlimited capacities for built-in-place units
  • Very effective sewage treatment, including denitrification and biological phosphorous removal
  • Package plants are constructed of corrosion-free marine grade aluminum or epoxy coated steel
  • Can treat a wide variety of wastes
  • PLC controls and intelligent, experienced programming allow optimal performance
  • Single source responsibility from an experienced package manufacturer

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